About Us

Paneltech specialises in the construction of precast and cast insitu reinforced concrete structures for civil and commercial infrastructure markets throughout the North Island.

A Northland owned and operated company, Paneltech was formed as a civil contractor in 2007 to supply precast concrete components to building companies. Since then, Paneltech has worked on a wide array of more complex civil engineering projects Рwhere we have developed a reputation for strong customer focus and reliably delivering high quality.

Today our civil builders construct tanks, large chambers, precision casted concrete channels for UV disinfection units, weighbridges and heavy duty industrial concrete pavements.

United Civil Construction Ltd purchased Paneltech in 2013.

Contact info:
  • Phone: (09) 438 0354
  • Cell phone: 027 486 4025
  • Email: info@paneltech.net.nz